Small Business Participation Program Management

The Solution

PARS™ is a performance assessment rating system that uses a “mock” environment to rate the performance of small, minority-, women-, and veteran- owned businesses based on a variety of performance metrics. These criteria, while not always based on past performance, WILL be carefully crafted performance indicators, including
simulated events that can be used to predict the likelihood for successful performance of a contractor. Further, for those small businesses that have challenges and or do not rate favorably, PARS will provide a Corrective Action Plan (CAP) to assist the supplier with increasing their rating by referring performance rated subject matter experts in the area of the deficiency and or training where

Businesses that meet our criteria are entered into Teaming Exchange Network(TEN) An internal database that we use to match businesses with Primes and each other.

Corporations and Municipalities will:

• Easily find and connect with small, minority, women and veteran owned
• Have access to performance ratings in order to make informed decisions
• Request and accept bids from vetted sources
• Fulfill mandates with quality, high performing companies that fit their criteria.

Small Business Owners will:

• Get rated based on a service audit—with a 90 corrective action plan should they fail to meet PARS
• Gain exposure to large-scale projects and companies in need of their services
• Connect, bid and win contracts they’d otherwise not have access to
• Shorten their sales cycle and save on advertising cost