Proposal Support/ Contract Management

Contracts and Grants, LLC is committed to providing global acquisition support and services to the Army, DoD, Federal Government, and commercial clients worldwide.
We are highly experienced in preparing, submitting, negotiating, and implementing the following contract vehicles: GSA Schedules, 8(a) Certification, WOSB & EDWOSB, VetBiz Certification, DOT Certification, MBE, WBE and DBE state applications.
One key to our success is building relationships throughout the Federal and Defense funding landscape. In so doing, we can identify cost-effective ways to provide high-quality, unbiased, independent advice and assessments that benefit our customers. We deliver a full spectrum of support ranging from day-to-day tasks through large-scale support projects.
As part of our Proposal Support service, we:

  • Manage the entire proposal process from capture through submission

  • Write or review your proposal prior to submission

  • Prepare proposal response and compliance with RFP requirements

  • Review/ evaluate your proposal prior to submission

  • Identify government and commercial contract and subcontract opportunities

Your proposal evaluation includes:

  • Analyzes the Response

  • Review agreement arrangement (Team, Sub, JV, etc) to ensure FAR compliance

  • Identify deficiencies based on weak or nonresponsive technical

  • Evaluate based on evaluation factors and performance work statement

  • Written Debriefing/Notice of Deficiencies*

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Contract Management

Small, minority, and women owned participation goals are just good business, and in some cases mandates. They can also require a shift in how you currently do business. Contracts and Grants, LLC provides Small Business Participation Program Management so that you can concentrate on the more technical areas of your business or project.Post award or “standing up” a project is where most non-compliance issues occur. Typically, you have 30 days to mobilize before your performance begins and unless you have a transition plan that addresses all of the far and dar regulations you will be deficient from day 1. Hire us to manage your entire contract or just the mobilization phase.